Natural grooming products that don’t compromise on performance.

Natural Equine - grooming products for horses! Natural Equine the Dogs!   Natural Equine Herbs - if your horse could choose….
Natural grooming products for horses that don’t compromise on performance. The Dogs! Grooming products especially formulated for dogs. As you would expect from Natural Equine, our products don’t compromise on performance. A comprehensive range of herbs to aid the bodies natural functioning.  We have worked with herbs and natural oils for many years and know how beneficial they are.
• shampoos: Baywash, Whitewash, Aromawash and Equiwash • shampoo • our herbs are carefully sourced for purity and freshness and are organic wherever possible
• no-rinse sloshwashes warming and cooling for all seasons • no-rinse slosh wash •  we have a range to aid many common equine conditions.
• mane & tail conditioner & detangler • conditioner & detangler that you can even use on a dry coat to keep your dog sleek, smooth and tangle free!  
• a natural fly spray.
And to complement our own equine range: And to complement our own canine range: And to complement our range of herbs, ready made all natural preparations for:
• Oster brushes to complete the grooming routine. • Oster rakes to use with the detangler. • Winter and summer related skin issues