Animal Aromatics

Animals have an innate ability to self-medicate, and in the wild would find the most appropriate medicinal plant compound to improve their well-being. By nature they are extremely sensitive and intuitive and would naturally select aromatic remedies to keep their well-being in balance, these remedies may include herbs, plants, barks, resins, clays etc This process of animals selecting their own medicinal remedies is called Zoopharmacognosy.

Animal Aromatics works with the principles of giving back to animals the medicinal non-food remedies that they would seek in the wild. At one time the land provided almost every pharmacological substance needed to self-medicate, now much of the land has been cultivated with remedies lost. This together with the fact that many animals are kept in captivity in urban areas or put to graze on fertilized fields is a very good reason to offer plant oils and extracts etc that they no longer have access to.

How remedies are selected

(Zoopharmacognosy) As Essential Oils and Aromatics are pure natural herbal remedies, mother natures answer to pharmaceutical drugs, animals are instinctively able to recognise the medicinal properties of the aromatics being offered and select the ones appropriate to their needs: emotionally, psychologicaly and physically.

Muscle testing (Kineasiology) Muscle testing is used to assess any weakness through an energy flow within the body that can lead to disease or lack off well-being.

When doing animal Kineasiology a hair sample from the animal is used, this method is used when the animal cannot be present to self-select. The remedies which strengthen the tests will then be sent out to the owner, who will then offer the remedies for the animal to self-select (full instructions on how to do this will be provided.)

Murphy, a dog, self selecting

Self-selection:  Murphy showing an interest

Types of remedies used

Mother Nature has provided a wonderful bounty of non-food remedies. Animal Aromatics works with the principles of giving back to animals these remedies that would be similar in their chemical make-up to those that they would seek in the wild. These include:

• essential oils

• absolutes

• CO2 extracts

• macerated oils

• herbs

• clays and muds

• spirulina

• seaweed.


Self Selection: Phoenix showing a strong reaction

Self-selection:  Phoenix showing a strong reaction

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