A guide to choosing the right Natural Equine products for your horse

Horses are tactile by nature, so we developed our products to be applied by hand wherever possible. Our Mane & Tail Conditioner for instance is not a spray but is used by running your fingers through the mane and tail to separate the hair as you go.

Horses are also extremely sensitive to smell and therefore we choose our essential oils with this in mind – we have yet to find a horse that does not enjoy a Lavender Bath.

Various Natural Equine Products

Excitable and Nervous Nature?   Aromawash Shampoo with Lavender is calming, soothing and balancing, making it suitable for use after strenuous exercise.

Scurfy Tail or Skin Irritation?   Equiwash Shampoo is our 1st Aid in a bottle, with Tea Tree Oil, to cleanse and soothe.

Black, Bay or Chestnut?  Baywash Shampoo with Walnut Oil is a nourishing shampoo that will bring out the depth of colour and richness in the coat creating a wonderful sleek sheen.

Grey or White Markings?  Whitewash Shampoo with Calendula & Nettle is our optical brightening shampoo, to remove stains and keep your grey gleaming.

Brittle and Broken Tail? Top & Tail Conditioner will bring it back to superb condition and repel the stable dirt and dust.

Out & about? Your horse’s skin contains countless nerve endings, which transmit touch, heat, cold and pressure down sensory nerves to the brain for assessment. Our NO-RINSE Sloshwashes are an ideal answer to freshen up and remove sweat and surface dirt after competing or traveling. Ask yourself how you would feel, if after exercise, someone turned a freezing cold hose on you!!

A Quick Fix to Cool & Rejuvenate? No-Rinse Cooling Sloshwash with Grapefruit & Marjoram is ideal to remove sweat and freshen up without rinsing. Superb back end wash if the unexpected occurs before you show!

A Quick Fix to Prevent chills?  No-Rinse Warming Sloshwash with Ginger & Geranium oils to aid recovery of tired aching muscles. Fantastic leg wash too!

Midges & Flies?  Fly-OFF Spray with Bog Myrtle and a blend of another 5 essential oils that flies and midges hate. Very effective against these nasties.