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Q. What shampoo is best for my coloured horse?

A. We would recommend either Aromawash or Equiwash. Both would bring up the white markings and enhance overall appearance.

Q. Is your Whitewash shampoo blue?

A. None of Natural Equine products contain colour. Some horses have a reaction to added colours so we do not put anything into our products that is not needed.

Q. Is your shampoo easy to rinse out?

A. All Natural Equine shampoos are easily rinsed, leaving a lovely healthy, shiny looking coat. They are vegetable based with essential oils, making them gentle but effective.


Q. What are the benefits of the no-rinse Sloshwash?

A. Sloshwash will remove dirt, sweat and stable stains without having to rinse, so for daily use after exercise, as a quick fix at competitions or after hunting it is invaluable. The cooling sloshwash includes grapefruit oil to cool the skin whilst refreshing and cleansing. The warming sloshwash contains ginger and geranium that will warm and comfort aiding the recovery of tired aching muscles.

Q. Is there a build up of product when using a no-rinse product?

A. Our formula does not build up on the coat if used correctly within your usual grooming routine. It is designed to be used as a quick cleanser when competing, showing or after exercise.


Q. Can I use Top & Tail Detangler on a wet tail?

A. Top & Tail can be used on a wet or dry tail but for best results start first with a clean tail by using Equiwash shampoo,which includes Tea Tree Oil.

Q. My cob has an extremely full tail – will Top & Tail handle it?

A. Yes, no problem. Top & Tail serum is applied with your hands and therefore it goes where you need it and is very economical to use it will detangle even the thickest of tails leaving it tangle free for up to 2 weeks.

Q. Can I re-apply Top & Tail Detangler without washing it out first?

A. Yes, Top & Tail can be re-applied as required to keep your horse’s mane & tail in superb condition.


Q. Is your Natural Fly Repellent effective?

A. Yes, Fly-OFF is very effective and has no less than 5 active ingredients including the essential oil of Bog Myrtle, a midge repellent.

Q. How often do I apply Fly-OFF Natural Fly Repellent?

A. This really depends on the severity of the problem. We spray liberally before the horses are turned out daily if there is a severe fly problem then another application can be applied later in the day.


Q. Can I give herbs to my pregnant mare?

A. Generally we recommend you do not give your pregnant mare any herbs during the first three months of her gestation period, as this is the period that the major organs and skeleton are formed.

Q. If I am feeding more than one individual herb at a time, how much do I feed of each herb?

A. The recommended dose of herbs is governed towards a single herb for a 15.2hh horse. On average though a 13.2hh pony would need approx 25-30g and a 16.1hh up to 17.2hh approx 30-50g per day. If using multiple herbs divide the total dosage by the number of herbs. Eg a 15.2hh taking 3 herbs at 30g per day would need approx. 10g of each herb per day.

Q. How long will it take for the herbs to take effect?

A. This varies according to each individual horse. Generally though you will need to give 2-3 weeks for dried herbs, however many of our customers have reported a beneficial effect after just a few days.