Bathing – the spring clean

Springtime – bath time!

Off come our horses’ rugs, with a sigh of relief from them and us too. With some warm days to look forward to a good bath will be helpful to get rid of any winter scurf and loose hair as our horses change their coats.


Willow, in her first year, after her first shampoo!

We recommend that for your first wash after winter you use Equiwash, a deep cleansing shampoo containing tea tree and nettle extract to get right down to the skin for a thorough clean. Start by damping your horse using warm water and a sponge, then apply a small amount of Equiwash to the sponge and starting at the shoulder/neck use circular movements to work towards the quarters, leave for 2-3 minutes and then rinse. Just watch the dirt come to the surface and wash away!

Equiwash, like all Natural Equine shampoos is highly concentrated so you only need a very small amount. Your horse’s coats will look clean and shiny without the need for coat-shine or polish!

Don’t forget to include the mane and tail when applying the Equiwash shampoo. When nice and clean, finish off with our amazing Top and Tail mane and tail detangler and conditioner for a gorgeous silky soft result – and don’t forget this will help to repel dirt too.

International show jumper Robert Maguire says:

Using Top & Tail has been a revolution for me. As it is a serum I have control over where it goes, so no chance of slippery reins or tack, and it’s so easy to use you just apply it with your hands. I highly recommend it!