Dog with stick

Whether you need a quick fix after a dip in the sea, a clean and comfort after a hard day in the field or the full monty to shine in the show ring – Natural Equine’s canine range, The Dogs,  has it covered!

Dog shampoo


The Dogs!!! Shampoo contains a blend of oils including lavender and teatree. These are combined in a vegetable based cleanser to give a formula that will deep clean without stripping the natural oils the dog needs to protect its skin from the elements.
This shampoo is suitable for all dogs as it will not alter the texture of the dog’s coat.
Available in NEW larger 500ml size.


The Dogs !!! Sloshwash is a quick cleanser that doesn’t need rinsing. It can be used at any time and is ideal for giving your dog a wash down before putting him back in the car after a nice walk or for getting rid of unwanted smells after a good roll!

This sloshwash contains Ginger, Geranium,and Ylang Ylang essential oils which aid tired aching muscles, so it is perfect for working dogs after a hard day or as a treat if your best buddy has just had a lovely long run in the woods or on the beach!

Available in 500ml size.

Canine Slosh wash
Dog Detangle and shine spray


The Dogs Detangle and Shine Spray is a new concept in coat conditioning. As well as giving a fantastic shine and condition to your dog’s coat it will restore moisture, repel dirt and makes detangling very quick and easy. 

If your dog’s coat gets a bit matted and tangled (often behind the ears) it is all you need for a quick tidy up.

If you have a heavy coated dog the Detangler works brilliantly with the Oster Rakes which are intended for thinning but do a good job at tackling matted hair if you don’t want to take scissors to them!

Available in NEW larger 500ml size.

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