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For beautiful, easy to maintain manes and tails Look no further than our TOP & TAIL SERUM or TOP & TAIL SPRAY.

Both Top & Tail products are designed to remove tangles and to condition the hair. They are cleverly formulated so that you can use them when needed, without necessarily shampooing – we know how nice it is to see our horses manes and tails always looking great, even when there is no time for a full shampoo. For those thoroughbred types, whose mane and tail hair can be quite fragile, by using Top & Tail you can brush without necessarily pulling the hair out or causing damage!

Top & Tail Spray contains seabuckthorn and marigold extracts. These are oils that have been used for centuries to give shine and gloss to horses coats.

Top and Tail Serum

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 Top & Tail serum makes mane and tail grooming a doddle – no more tugging to get the tangles and knots out! Just apply a small amount of the serum to your hands and spread it through – ideally comb through with your fingertips. Your brush will then glide through.

Top & Tail is not only a breeze to use but it will help to keep your horse’s mane and tail clean and tangle free for up to seven days plus you do not need to shampoo the mane and tail each time you use it.

Top & Tail is not sticky and does not build up to form a dull sticky barrier. Instead it is absorbed into the hair giving a tangle free natural shine.

What could be easier than that? Oh and it’s economical too – you really do only need to use a tiny amount each time!

Available in 150ml & 250ml size.


Top & Tail Spray is a coat shine and mane and tail conditioner. It does pretty much the same job as the Top & Tail Serum but contains Sea Buckthorn and is designed for those of you who prefer to use a spray rather than apply a serum.

To use on the body, just give a light spray and buff with a stable rubber and you have lovely super glossy coat.

For manes and tails just spray lightly and brush through, ideally with the Oster Mane & Tail brush, using just a little at a time.

No sticky build up, loads of shine and tangle free – just what you want!

Available in 500ml size.

Top and Tail Spray

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