It all started with the horses. We have always had horses around us, and then Stan came into our lives. He was our daughter Maxine’s dream horse: tall, dark and handsome with paces to die for.  But of course with animals there is rarely perfection and we had so many problems with him. We tried absolutely everything and the only thing that made any difference at all was essential oils and herbs.  Sadly, Stan is no longer with us, at least not in this life anyway! We had always held the belief that if possible a natural solution must be best, that’s all that was available for centuries after all, but Stan really taught us so much and confirmed our thinking and set us down the path of working with natural solutions.

By now we had extensive experience working with plant extracts, herbs and oils and we had tried but failed to find natural shampoos and grooming products that we thought did the job. We knew about the beneficial properties of the herbs and oils and the importance of the quality, so we combined old fashioned wisdom with modern technology to produce products that did not sacrifice performance but remained true to our philosophy of being as natural as possible. And in 2001 Natural Equine was born.

Of course we didn’t stop at a shampoo – we have worked with horses all our lives and we understand about the practicalities. There are those times when you need to do a quick wash but you can’t rinse and water alone doesn’t get the sweat marks off so along came our no-rinse slosh washes. Then there are the moments when you want to get all that mud off the mane and tail but really haven’t got time to shampoo so we made a mane and tail detangler that can be used on a dry mane and tail….. and so on!

Many of us who have horses also have dogs and we found that our customers were using their horse products for their dogs and whilst this was doing no harm to the dogs, we knew that with a bit of research we could come up with a range that was specifically formulated for the canine skin. So now the dogs have natural grooming products too!

Like most people who are passionate about anything, we love to talk to other people who share our beliefs that natural is best. We try to get to as many events as possible and those of you who have met us will know that we are always happy to discuss your equine or canine problems and give you the benefit of our advice. Otherwise we are always at the end of the phone – for us the well being of your animals is as important as the well being of

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